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Before I broke their heart

You know where it ends.

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[maygan] [fourteen] [freshman] [brunette]

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( HOBBIES ) cheerleading, music, computer, movies, quotes, writing, dreaming, cleaning, cooking, making sammiches
( SHOWS ) steven's untitled rockshow, dedicate live, american idol, mtv hits, next, the o.c., 30 minute meals, dr. phil
( FILMS ) dazed and confused, fast times and ridgemont high, eurotrip, american pie, cheech and chong, spice world, lords of dogtown, jay and silent bob strike back, clerks, chasing amy, ect.
( FOOD ) top ramen, pickles, coffee, water, green tea, chocolate milk, pancakes
( MUSIC ) the used, buckcherry, hinder, afi, tool, nine inch nails, sublime, all hair metal
( GUYS ) johnny depp, wiley wiggins
( GIRLS ) carmen electra

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"Hi! I suffer from amnesia, do I come here often?"

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Hey, I am Maygan. I am a cheerleader. Yarr. I love making graphics, and coding. I love music, mostly Rock, not so much the poppy rock stuff, but I still listen to it. Yes, Emo bands amuse me. I'm sad that the "Green Day" phase has faded out (again.) But now I can wear my shirt in peace, without being called a poser. Hey, I like the band, and actually listened to them since I was little, not just since 2004. =D The Used is great. I think I am awesome. I am very arrogant. My teenage angst has a body count. (yes, I stole that.) I wish I could be emancipated from my mom, and I love my dad. i want to marry an emo aussie, named Adam, and have two kids, Riun, and Aiden. Go to Stanford, and then become a housewife, just to prove a point. I know, big dreams.

I love providetheclues , she's the most perfect lover ever, mess with her, I'll effing kill you.
+ she makes most of my graphics! (like the one below.)

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"hard core." nair bunny, heartbreak, music, the used., your mom